Quarantined Life

The new world we are all trying to get used to.

01 APR 2020By Kandie Angel

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to come on here and check up with everyone, to see how you all are holding up?

During this crazy time, I am fortunate enough to have a safe place I call home, a fiancé who is supportive, my best friend who lives with me, my youngest son who still lives with me, and my four puppies to help get me through this time. I also have the ability to make my income working from home, to help take care of my family. As for many others out there that are less fortunate, it's hard not to be able to help everyone. I have been helping my aunt when I can with food and stuff, when she lets me.

During this lock-down, you think I would have more time to write a blog, but I have actually stayed pretty busy trying to get my house in order. It's a lot harder to stay focused when you have tons of time on your hands, then you realize because its easy to get distracted, which feels like you have even less time. I have managed to get the carpets shampooed, the laundry is almost all caught up; I have a lot of blankets and stuff I am trying to wash for donating. I have a lot of things I still need to go through, while packing others in the process, so I am taking it one day at a time not to get overwhelmed. I am hoping to still be able to move in June to Florida, so I have to go through all my stuff to get rid of the things I wont need.

I have finally got my room set up for my online dancing and fitness, so I should be up and running by the weekend. Just waiting on my new bedding to get here. It will be nice to be dancing online because I will be able to chat with a bunch of people, get my workouts in since the gyms are all closed, and be able to help contribute to my families finances. Plus, it will be nice to be back up on the pole again. I know I like to complain about my back hurting When I dance, but I still love to dance!

Well I really need to get back to packing, cleaning, and sorting things, so I hope you are all staying safe out there, keeping your physical distancing from others, and doing your part to help this thing go away! To all of you that have lost a loved one out there, I truly hope you find some sort of peace through this tough and trying time.

Thank you all for following and sharing this journey with me, I look forward to showing you the adventures I am planning for the future. My website name is coming up on the ten year anniversary, and I have some big projects coming up in the near future, so make sure you have registered for an account. Also, don't forget to sing up for the newsletter, to stay up to date on what I have coming up. Don't worry, I won't flood your account with emails either, I rarely send them out, maybe once a month. I look forward to sharing these adventures along the way.