My Life 2021

Who Knows What's Next

02 MAR 2021By Kandie Angel

I haven't really shared with anyone what has been going on in my life since I last updated everyone. Last year in July, Adam came back from Saudi Arabia, and we were suppose to have our wedding to start our lives together. Well it didn't turn out exactly as planned. He came back, and we fought bunch, broke up a few times, but ended up getting married in November after all of that crazy. Fast forward to February 2021, I already filed for divorce, and he moved back to Wyoming. When I started this blog last night, I was sitting by a lake getting eaten up by mosquitos, wondering why I have been putting my life on hold for someone that didn't truly love me for the person I was. They only loved me enough to want to mold and change me into the person they expected me to be.

I filed for divorce because I couldn't be someone that someone else wants me to be, I finally started being the person I am meant to be. My modeling is flourishing this yeah, I started livestreaming to find other avenues to market my social media pages to bring in another source of income, and it turned out very beneficial for me. When you find something that you truly enjoy and are passionate about, the person you are with should always be supportive and stand behind you no matter what. Sometimes no matter how much you love someone, you just are not meant to be together. Who knows what the future holds, I truly thought that I would never get divorced again once I made the decision to get remarried. Life has a funny way of changing things on you. Before I got married, I was saying that I never wanted to get remarried, so I am not going to even try to say that my life couldn't end up crossing paths and him coming back into my life at some point or another. All I do know, is that I am going to keep my head held high, keep pushing forward, and working on myself.

On brighter note, I just bought a new home! I move in at the end of April, and I can't wait to show you all! My life truly is moving in the right direction, and I'm thriving more than I could have ever imagined. I am happy and so very proud of the woman I am becoming. In the past, when a relationship I was in would end, I would be a total mess and broken beyond belief. I would be suicidal, and want to just end the pain because I couldn't handle the physical pain of it all. Now that I have grown and learned who I am as a person, I know that I will be fine and make it through. I don't feel as if my whole life is ending because of a guy ripping my heart out of my chest and crushing it to pieces, I truly feel as if I am going to be ok. I know that this pain hurts, but I will grow from this into a whole new version of myself again. I am only going to get better at choosing who I let into my life as well as my heart. I am going to focus on me for a change and take care of the person I have been ignore for quite some time, me!

I am going to try and start writing more because I have been neglecting my writing for a little while now, and that is something I truly enjoy. I am going to start longboarding more because I enjoy that as well. I am going to start living my life for myself from now on, and if someone is meant to be in my life, then they will be supportive and understanding of the things I need to do for me! I have always lived my life for others, trying to make sure everyone else is happy, while ignoring myself in the process and never taking care of me and how I am feeling. I decided last year that I was going to live my life for myself, and this year I am actually going to follow through with that plan! I know the woman I am suppose to be, so it's about damn time I start living up to her expectations and following through with the plan I started last year when I first moved to Florida.

Today I am getting some editing done, finishing up this blog, probably doing a little streaming which will take up most of my day, and then I have to get over to the gym around 8pm tonight cause I am going to try and get a workout in. Tomorrow I will probably start my day streaming like I do most days now, then at some point I will make it over to the nail salon to get my nails done and the gym to get a workout in, then maybe go longboarding, who knows. I am just taking it day by day, making sure that I need editing content to add to my pages, and get some packing done as well because I'm moving soon to my new home. I can't wait until I move to my new house! I also just recently helped my youngest son buy his first car, paid off some credit card debt, and just pushing myself to work as hard as possible. My life is truly getting better, I just have to keep paying attention to the little things, and the big things will follow.

I need to get on some editing, so stay tuned for more to come, and check out my pages because the content I am editing is fire!!

See ya all on the flip side.

Until next time, Blessed be!


Kandie Angel