I moved to Florida

What life has been like in the past month

20 MAY 2020By Kandie Angel

I had a flight to Tampa on the 18th of April, but the airline had cancelled it due to the COVID-19 stuff going on. So instead of not being able to come get the keys to my house, I decided to take a road trip to drive all the way to Florida. On my lovely little adventure, I had to stop a million times just to pee, I swear it seemed as if my bladder had filled up every two seconds. While I was on this lovely drive, I decided to drive about 5 hours before I actually stopped to even sleep. I stopped in Kansas at a rest area, and I slept for about an hour before I got back on the road to drive.

I kept driving from state to state, and stopped to go pee but all the gas stations were closed. So I decided to pull onto the side of the building to try to pee in a cup. I asked for a 32 ounce cup at the last place I stopped for gas because I had a feeling I would be pulling over to pee, and I knew with the virus going around that everything is closed after a certain time. As I am trying to pee in the cup, I slipped and fell on the cup. The cup then broke all over the seat of the car, with all the liquid spilling all over myself and my seat. Luckily I had baby wipes in the car, a few blankets, and some changes of clothes. I got out of the car after feeling totally humiliated, cleaned up the mess with the blankets, wiped myself down with baby wipes, and changed into some clean clothes.

I got back on the road to keep going, and drove for another 9 hours or so before I finally stopped to get a hotel to shower in. I think I ended up driving about 14 hours before I actually stopped to really sleep. Once I got into my hotel room, I took a nice long shower. It was so nice to get out of the car for a little bit, after all that driving. I ended up sleeping for a very long time. I think I ended up getting up again at 3 am so I could start driving. I got down to Tampa around 5 pm, and the place was absolutely beautiful. A friend rented me an AirBnB for the weekend, so I did not have to worry about where I would be staying. It was a beautiful little place called 'The Boat House', right off the water. I decided to enjoy the time I had, since I did not have to pick up my keys to my house until Monday.

I got my keys on the 20th of April, and I have been in my new home since. It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride though because Adam and I decided to take a break. With the distance and the move, everything has become a bit overwhelming. I have learned that having a long distance relationship is a lot harder than I ever anticipated. I use to think it was great having all the extra free time to do what I want, and figure out a few hobbies that I might be interested in. That's not what happened though, I ended up going stir crazy in my new house, not taking advantage of all the extra free time. Which in turn, ended up driving me mad.

The distance has become a huge problem in our relationship because I did not realize how hard it is to see new places, and check out new things, when all you want is someone there with you to explore it all together. I decided to not stress over the break we are taking, and try to focus on myself in this time we are taking apart. This will give me the time I need to figure out what I truly want in my future, as well as do a bit of traveling in the near future. I have been talking with my friend that lives out in Dubai, and I am thinking about taking another trip out there in October if everything pans out. It would be a much needed vacation from all this craziness going on.

I am however, absolutely in love with my new house. I enjoy the peace and calmness that comes with living here. Florida has been one of the most amazing places I have ever lived, and I have not even had a chance to explore this state yet. I am truly excited to see everything here. I can't wait until all this pandemic stuff is fully over, that way I can finally go to Disney World. I have never been to Disney World, but I have been to Disney Land a couple times and it's truly the happiest place on earth. It would be nice to go to Disney World as well because I have two nieces that work there, and I would really love to go see them. I haven't yet had the chance to meet them because they are my oldest brothers children, from my dad's side of the family.

I have been trying to stay busy though during this time I have been alone. I was recently hired for a windshield repair company doing sales and marketing. I start working the middle of June, and I am so excited to be working normal business hours. It will be a nice change of pace. I still plan on working online once I get this site ready for chat. Hopefully, I will be doing a photo shoot soon as well once I get to know the area a bit better. I also need to find a good photographer out here. I believe that everything will work itself out, and I will be posting new photos soon. I am trying to find the best beaches for a shoot though, so bare with me on the posting.

My chat and everything should be up and running in the next month because its my 10 year anniversary of my site being up, so I want to do a free live chat with everyone that day to give everyone a chance to get familiar with the site all all its new changes. I will keep you posted on what day I will be going live, so stay tuned by making sure you're subscribed to the newsletter. Well I just wanted to come on here to touch base with you all, to share what I have been up to since I moved to Florida. On a side note, all the gyms will be open in Florida soon, so you know where I will be everyday for a couple hours. I hope everyone is staying safe out there, and trying to make the best of the current situation. I look forward to documenting tons of adventures very soon, so I hope you all will join me on this journey.