Happy New Year!

Life's been crazy, how do I handle it all?

02 JAN 2021By Kandie Angel

I don't know why I am having so much trouble writing blogs lately. I have been going through so many things, that I don't understand why I don't have more blogs already written. Trying to find something to write about is a hell of a lot harder than you would think. The words should just come out of my brain and onto the page with ease, but it's not that easy. Trying to find something to write about, and something that others might actually want to read, is a lot harder than you would assume to imagine. Its like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

When you finally do get something to write about, it usually comes out looking like a five year old child wrote it. I tend to start over multiple times, or I never get around to finishing a blog, let alone publishing it. I cant believe 2020 is already over. This last year turned out to be the craziest year, but it was actually beneficial to me as well. I changed my whole life this year. I got divorced, sold my house in Colorado, moved to Florida, started doing tons more modeling, and got remarried. This year has definitely been a crazy one for me. Now as I write this, I am flying from Houston back to Tampa because I just did a photoshoot out in Denver.

I have traveled more for shoots this year, than I have in the last thirteen years that I have been modeling. I have traveled for shoots in the past, but they were few, far, and in between. This is probably the first time I am at a point where I am tired of traveling, and just want to be home already. I just want to be at home with my dogs and my son, and spending time with the people I love, but work has me so busy, I am barely getting time to sleep in between shoots. I travel from one place to another shooting, and barely getting time to work out the last few weeks. I just want to get back on track, get my bills under control, and get back into the groove of feeling good without all the stress of wondering when I am going to be able to pay the next credit card payment. Not knowing when my next shoot is going to get cancelled, is really starting to weigh on me. It is so hard not to stress about the little shit that frustrates me.

I also started doing live chats the last week of the year, and my fanbase has grown beyond anything I could imagine in such a short time. My profile was literally trending on periscope before they banned one of my accounts. I am in the process of having Roller try to build me my own social media platform, that way I can't be banned by anyone but myself because I am the owner! I have been working my butt off so much this last week, that I haven't had time to really take a moment for myself, or even get to the gym because I have been working night and day to play catch up on everything that I am behind on. I also started doing daily live shows on my O.F page, to get more exposure as well, as my periscope groups too!

Well I didn't go out for New Year's Eve, but I enjoyed spending it with my fans just chatting and enjoying the crazy conversations that my mind runs off into. I hope everyone had a fun, safe night, but I am about to do my nightly chat before bed, and then get myself to sleep. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow because I am celebrating my friend's birthday tomorrow, then I have dinner with a friend tomorrow night. I still can't believe that it is January 1, 2021 already, it's crazy how fast last year went for me. Well I am off to get my chat out of the way then sleep because I need it. Goodnight all, I hope you have a lovely night. I hope this year brings you happiness and joy, and becomes prosperous for everyone this year!

Until next time, Blessed be!

Kandie Angel