Dubai 2019

Took a vacation to Dubai in March of 2019

14 JAN 2020By Kandie Angel

The year before last I went to Florida twice, in February 2018, and April 2018. I made a promise to myself, to take a trip at least once a year. In March of 2019, I decided that Dubai was going to be my main trip last year. I had a friend that lives out there, and they helped me make plans to travel out there for ten days. I worked all through the winter the previous year in order to save up enough money, so I could take the time off work. I flew out to Dubai on March 18, 2019, even though I was supposed to fly out on the 14th. The snow was so bad on the 14th that I had to change my flight. I originally had a flightback in January, but the friend that I was going to be staying with, cancelled my first ticket thinking I wasn’t coming out. The second ticket I ended up missing the flight due to a blizzard the night before, and I had to dig myself out of a snowbank when the Toyota FJ Cruiser, with mud terrain tires, got stuck trying to go around a snow drift. The third time was a charm because I made my flight!

I had a layover in New York that was six hours long, so I walked around the airport for a while because I couldn’t check my bag for another hour or so. I didn’t know that when you take a long flight, your body tends to retain water which can lead to your feet swelling up. Flight Lesson 101; make sure to get up and walk around on international flights, otherwise you will be looking like you have gout for about a week. I made it to Dubai to meet up with my friend. He took me to his apartment first to drop off my things, and to give me a chance to get freshened up. Once I was ready, we were out the door and exploring the town. First, he took me to little Italian bistro for drinks, I believe it was called The Tortoria, but I’m not sure of the name. Then we followed the evening with a beautiful steak dinner from The Meat Company. It was the most exquisite steak dinner, and we had the most interesting server from North Korea. He had the most amazing stories to tell while serving our food. The service was to die for, and the meal was as well. After that we went back to the house and called it a night.

The next day we drove all over the city looking at different sites and places. He was showing me all the different structures. We packed in a bunch of shopping from the Emirates mall, to the Barasti beach. I had so much fun, but my most favorable memory from the whole trip was when I was sitting on Barasti beach listening to music during a beach party. My friend and I saw a live clam. We were recording it and laughing, while a couple of girls were laughing with us watching this little clam snap at us. Before the beach though, we stopped by the Dubai Marina Mall to get a bikini for the beach. We decided to stop in and have breakfast at this amazing little café called Tashas Cafe. I had the most amazing French toast I have ever had in my whole life. It was topped with the sweetest Italian cherries I have ever tasted, and it made my mouth water. I recommend anyone visiting Dubai, to stop by Tashas Café for the most amazing French toast you will ever experience.

Another great little find was this amazing little Cajun food place that was down in old town Dubai, called Dampa. If you want an amazing seafood meal, with the decent size portions, drinks included, for an amazing price, then go check out Dampa if you love spicy food. Barasti beach was my favorite memory of all, with a beautiful view of the new Versace hotel that was being built when I was there. Another fun beach we went to, the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). We went to Chili’s for dinner, then walked around the beach looking at the views. I bought my best friend and my boys some souvenirs from there. I had fun getting my face drawn by this funny little man from Pakistan, who was smiling so big, it was contagious. I had a lot of fun that night walking around the beach with my friend playing carnival games. I won a teddy bear that my dogs tore up as soon as I got home and unpacked.

Another restaurant with the most amazing views was Asia Asia. The food was decent, but the drinks were not all that great. I did however love the beautiful views that surround the place. My last day there I went to the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall. It has the most fascinating underwater zoo I have ever witnessed. It is three stories high, and the mall has many other levels as well. I have lots of pictures from my trip, I enjoyed it so much. I ended up flying back early due to some family matters back home, but all in all, the trip was the most memorable one I have taken yet. I can’t wait to share my next trip with you!