You Never Know

29 MAY 2022By Kandie Angel

Hey everyone, how have things been going lately? I however have been in a whirlwind of crazy this past month. I know you are probably wondering why the title of this blog is called, "Catfish", so I will explain. I have been streaming my life consistently online now for about three years straight every single day. Not one day has been by since I started streaming, that I have taken a day off. If I am not on one app, I am streaming on another. I have a private app called, "Fambase" that I stream on daily all day everyday, unless my fans are busy. I charge a $150/year fee for that one but I do everything on it. So as you can imagine, I chat with lots of people throughout the day. I have my main fans that are there faithfully, and I have new ones that come to check out my streams all the time. So, I tend to connect with a lot of people on a personal level and consider them more than just fans, I consider them friends. That is the whole reason this blog has come into fruition.

I have a fan, that I truly started to consider a real friend, but it turned out to be one huge lie. I have fans that like to tip me for streaming because they love to show support for my streaming, and I have some very nice fans that like to truly help others. I have been talking to this girl for a little over a year, and we chatted almost daily on my streams. Well we chatted once in a while about things off the chat that girls tend to chat about when they are friends, then she told me she was moving to Florida and put a transfer in at her job because she was excited to see how amazing Florida was since I have told her how much I love it. I didn't think anything weird about it because as soon as I found out how amazing Florida was, I packed up and moved here. I just figured she was a spontaneous person such as myself, and wanted a fresh start being that she was in her twenties. I honestly never thought that someone would put on such a long game for no reason at all, when she had nothing to gain from lying to me. Little did I know I was wrong.

As I was saying earlier, I stream on a private app, my daily life from the time I am up unless no one is on that day, then I will stream other places. For the last 4-6 months though, I have been streaming every single day on this app and chatting with her, almost daily. Well she has gotten to know my other fans/friends that are on there. Well she was following me on MeetMe and IG and my Fambase app, as well as many others I am sure of, and a few people from a few apps decided to help her move go smoothly. She ended up disappearing for a week and a half without a word or response. She then posts a few pics randomly on IG and TikTok, and acts like nothing has changed except the fact that she wont respond to anyone. She just acts like we don't even exist! It's is just mind boggling that someone can go to such extreme lengths to lie about something like that. I find it extremely insane that someone could be so dishonest to be that fake, as to show their face and not just block the people afterwards, then post like nothing ever happened.

At first it didn't bother me for her to lie because it truly wasn't affecting my life, whether she had shown up her or not, but it does bother me that she was so dishonest as to take advantage of nice people who were truly trying to help her with life, advice, etc. One of the biggest things I have learned from this situation is that you truly don't really know someone on the internet no matter how long you have been talking to that person, no matter how much you think they are opening up to you. You truly don't know if that person is telling you the truth or not. That has truly made me weary of trusting people. I have never been the person to stop being myself because of actions caused by others, but this has truly made me rethink how I open up to people and how I really can't trust or know a person from what they tell me online, or even in someone right in front of you.

I have never been so shocked by someone's actions, as I have this girls. When you are already a pretty closed person as to letting people into your little friend circle as I am. Which might seem weird considering I stream my life daily. As far as close personal friends go, I don't keep many. I keep my circle of friends very minimal, for the fact that people tend to try to use and take advantage of me as a friend because I can be a very giving person. So when this girl took a year and a half to chat with me and get to know me and find a way to become part of my daily life, I am truly mortified to know that someone could be so devious as to take advantage of others in such a way as to lie about being a friend.

Well if you have made it thus far into the blog, then I just wanted to let you all know I appreciate every one of you for following me and supporting my life journey. I am truly grateful for all of you that love to see me succeed, and no matter how many fake people are out there, none of them can ever break me or make me feel as though I cant be myself to this world. Now I will just be a little more cautious as to who I let into my daily life. One thing I actually am truly grateful for in meeting encountering people such as a Catfish because they teach you how to stay alert ad cautious when you forget to pay attention to the world around you. If you don't pay attention, and you are always distracted with life, you wont see the things going on around you that you should be paying attention to.

The most important thing I learned from it all was to always be on your toes, and stay positive because you will almost always attract the same energy!

Until next time,
Blessed Be!
Kandie Angel