April Showers Bring May Flowers

So much going on

20 MAY 2022By Kandie Angel

Sorry for the last blog this month, his past month has been a whirlwind of crazy. I went from being a very sad and depressed individual, to being a very motivated and inspired person. I struggle with depression from time to time, and last month seemed to be a hard one for me. The difference between me and most people that struggle with depression, I don't let it keep me down for very long. I feel it, endure the pain of it, and I find ways to get me the hell out of it as fast as possible. Well I decided to get motivated to find something to keep me busy, which was the best thing I could have ever done. I decided to take up the game of golf. One of my amazing fans, who I also consider a friend, gifted me a starter set of clubs, and so I went to a driving range, I think the same day or the next day, and I started smacking balls. I then decided that it would be much more fun to play a game, so I booked a round of golf the next day and went. I actually started golfing back in March when I first played because I was going through so much that it was a true escape for me.

This past month, I was playing almost every weekend, so now I am starting to get the hang of the whole sport and I absolutely love it. I just got a real good set of clubs yesterday. I got an amazing set of Taylormade RBZ's, and even though it took a couple holes to get use to them, my game improved like crazy just in those few holes.. I am pretty happy with those, and I am so grateful that I have awesome fans who like to support me in the things I love to do and share with the world! For anyone who is struggling with depression, golf is truly something that can help you cope. It truly takes all your brainpower and mental compacity to play golf well. If you don't focus on that ball, or the way your feet are pointed, or the way you are holding your club, you will not be able to hit the ball properly. I have only been playing around two months now, and I have learned so many things and found out that I am actually pretty decent at golf for only playing a short time. I have truly fallen in the with the game, even on the days I want to just throw my whole bag of clubs in the water and walk away all together (Lol).

Another amazing thing I want to share with you all is the things that I have been up to lately, that I have wanted to share with you all; I was recently signed by a New York modeling agency. I had so much fun while I was out there. I met some really interesting people I had chance to sit and talk with which was very interesting, and just meet really awesome people with the most amazing energy. I almost walked right past the Empire State Building because I was so excited by the buzz of the whole city, that I practically missed it. I took a couple photos that I will post for you all on this blog. If you are ever in New York, you have to walk around square. It was such a vibe to experience, I wouldn't change it for the world. I had the most amazing time in New York.

Being signed by a modeling agency is something I have strived for my whole life. It only took me 42 years to get noticed. WTalentNYC picked me up this past month as one of their models, so I fly out to New Jersey this week to get my portfolio done. I have been working my ass of for almost 15 full years trying to get my face and name out there in the bigger brands, and it has finally paid off! I am so excited for my future and all the things that are upcoming for me. I am looking forward to traveling and meeting new people along the way. I am ready to expand my horizons to see what life has to offer me! I have been working really hard on my fitness and my health to stay the best version of myself and it has all been really hard to stay on a good diet when you go through stress, but I haven't given up. I have been through health issues in the past that also keep me motivated to stay healthy and in shape.

Now that I got most of that craziness out of the way, I can start to breathe again knowing that my life is on the right track and I am headed in the right direction. I feel really great about the direction my life is going right now, and I am going to keep persevering through all the pain and hard things that are thrown at me. I have never been one to give up when things get hard, and I don't plan on starting now! Onto a more normal thing to chat about, I am doing well in my daily life as well. I am starting to get my time more organized to get my normal stuff done throughout the day, without feeling like I am rushing at the end of the night to finish my normal daily chores and such. I have finally got on a routine, for the most part, to get Jimmy to work in the mornings, then I get home and do a little streaming before I get my normal day started of cleaning, writing, streaming, etc.

Now it is time to start getting that stuff done today. I put it off most of the morning cause everyone is sleeping, and I didn't want to wake anyone up with the vacuum and music, so I figured I would get some streaming done, which I did on Instagram, then I got this blog almost finished now, as well as some quality time with my puppies cuddling and playing fetch with them running around chasing their toys. It is almost 10 am now, so I will be getting Jimmy up soon because I scheduled him a massage today since he has been in so much pain, and I have the puppies all day because Roller went to Universal Studios today, so I am trying to make sure I get all my stuff around the house done before my trip to New Jersey on Tuesday. I still have to get laundry done and get my bags packed before my trip, that way I am not running around the house last minute trying to get everything packed. I would hate to forget something that I might need for my shoot.

Well everyone, I am off to get started on my day so I hope your day is filled with joy and fun to keep a smile on your face. As for me, I am off to start my cleaning. Have an amazingly beautiful day!!

Blessed Be,
Kandie Angel