A Day in the Life of Kandie

What it's like on a typical day

11 DEC 2020By Kandie Angel

On a typical day of my life, it starts out with me waking up and taking my dogs outside to go pee first thing. If my son has school, then I take him to school before I do anything else in the day. If he has no school that day, then I go about my normal morning, which consists of this: While I'm letting them outside to pee, I usually run to the bathroom to go pee as well. I usually will check my messages while peeing, and catch up on all the events that happened over the few hours I was dead to the world sleeping away tucked into my nice big king sized bed that has a triple pillow top you just sink right into. Then after the dogs come back in the house, I go into the kitchen to cut up their dental sticks because I have to make sure they get their little teeth brushed daily. (Don't want any gross puppy breath around me.)

Then after I give them their dental sticks, I start my morning by taking and posting pics on my Instagram page, check my OF page, and start my morning calls. Once I get my morning started I talk to my friend Wiley for about an hour just catching up on the day before. Then I call Adam because we try to keep each other motivated through the crazy of everyday life. Then I start doing my cleaning, I have this pet peeve about my house not being cleaned daily. I mop my floor every morning because I like to see the floor shine throughout the day as we walk around the house. Then after I finish cleaning up the floors, counters, and picking up all the dogs toys they have hidden around the house, I go back to answering emails and messages.

When I get tired of being on my phone, I will get on my laptop and start editing some videos and photos for my pages to make sure I'm consistent in uploading content. After a few hours of getting lost in the world wide web, then I usually take a break and try to play outside with my dogs for a bit, answer more messages, upload more content, etc. Then when I get tired of being online and need a break, I get ready and go to the gym. I have to work out 6-7 days a week or I feel as though I am lost. I can't stand missing a day because it helps me to look and feel the way I love looking and feeling. Then by the time I am done with all of that, it's time to pick up my son. Some days I wait to hit the gym until he's out of school because my youngest son has the same like-minded personality when it comes to physical fitness.

Then after I finish the gym, I go back home and try to catch up on more emails and messages. Once I get overwhelmed or just feel as though I have done enough work for the day, that's when I try to get out and take my puppies to the park at least once a day. After the park I usually come back home and just surf Instagram or snapchat on my phone, finding more ways to create amazing content for my social media pages. In between all of the stuff I'm doing throughout the day, I try to get a few good meals that are healthy for me, such as turkey and rice or something like that. In between doing all the things I do throughout the day, I am taking video calls from friends, responding to messages and texts, as well as trying to make sure I'm getting everything done that I need to get done throughout the day. Through all that, I try to find the time to get some TV time in, that way I am not just doing only work and giving myself a little time to relax my brain.

While doing all those things I manage to handle throughout the day, I stay stoned through it all. I have been a medical marijuana patient for over 8 years now, and I have been an advocate for cannabis since I was 15 years old. I stay high and smoke throughout the day because I have a hard time feeling normal without smoking. My body tends to hurt all the time, and I can't hold food down very well when I don't smoke. So while I'm working away throughout the day to get my stuff done, I take bong rips to keep me elevated. Some mornings though, I like to do morning chats to connect with my fans and see how they are all doing. I like being able to show them that I am a real person, not just a pretty girl in videos and pictures with no communication at all. My life isn't exciting like everyone seems to think. Most days I sit at home with my dogs, checking messages and responding, while getting work done and then ending the day watching TV.

I don't go out every night to a new place and meet new people. I like to keep to myself in my private little solitude, and block out the rest of the world. I never take a day off, and I always work from the time I wake up until I go to sleep. Even then, I am still working because I wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and I check my messages then as well. I have never had the luxury of sitting alone and getting a whole day to myself without any distractions. I don't get the freedom to do that, even though I could just close off to the world if I really wanted to. I think I am just going through all the emotions in this life, and I don't seem to miss one. Being alone is something most people can't stand to do, let alone hate themselves so much they can't be alone at all. Their thoughts consume every part of their being. After falling asleep to the TV, I wake up the next day and do it all over again. My life is not crazy or exciting, but it's my life and I get to live it with a smile on my face.

Well my flight is about to land. I am just getting back into Tampa, after doing a shoot in Denver. I can't wait to be back home in my own house and relaxing, while hitting the bong and enjoying time with my puppies. I have been pretty booked with photoshoots lately, so I will post when I get another chance. Keep on looking for the upcoming changes to my website, they are going to be absolutely amazing!

Until next time,

Blessed Be!

Kandie Angel