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All About Kandie

Hi, I'm Kandie and I would like to use this space to share a few things about myself as a person and as a model. Being a mother of two awesome boys is what keeps me motivated to move forward in my modelling career. Why? Because I know the importance of being a role model. I am a mother of two children. Since I divorced my first husband back in January 2009, I have been trying to just begin life in a new world of stress and worry and all the things I never could have imagined... Back in November 2013 I got married to my best friend and soulmate, and Im happier than I have ever been. I also added my four puppies RoRo, Roxie, Lil Bit, and Luckie to my family as well. Now I have made this page to show the world that I'm trying new things and learning that new possibilities are around every corner just waiting to be discovered! I made this page to share with you my YouTube creations and what I have learned over the past few years of trying to make it on my own, so keep reading on and check out the rest of my page. You never know what you will learn when you get to see into the life of a total stranger! I'll see you on the flip side! ♥

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Photographers I work with...

  • Quickly Realize I'm Independent and Uniquely Photogenic.
  • I Easily Adapt To My Surroundings, So I Need Very Little Direction, Leaving You To Stay Focused On Your Camera
  • I'm A Perfectionist And Will Do My Own MakeUp, But Don't Mind If You Have Your Own MakeUp Artist
  • Im Very Easy To Get Along With So Feel Free To Ask Me Any ?'s

These qualities give the photographers time to focus on their equipment and setting up lighting for the scene.

I appreciate all your constructive criticism so feel free to comment or even write me a message.

I look forward to doing my next gig with you.

People I collaborate with...

are always pleased to know that I'm easy to get along with and open to suggestions.

I love to do fun projects that are out of the ordinary and I don't mind hard work as long as I get to learn something new in the process.

So if you have any fun ideas, let me know.

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